The Trouble with Sinking

from by Marc M Cogman



She corners you as you leave the party, pulls you by your belt to her body, lets you know she’s onto your weakness, lets you have a taste of her secrets, shows you where you can sink your teeth in.

Now your life is like a blue movie. On the floor, says “Do it to me.” Now you lose your way in all your hunger, every rolling wave, you’re diving under, paddling out to where it gets deeper. From the shoreline you’re just a black blur, courting danger out on the water. And all your friends say you’re disappearing, but out to sea, it’s not like you’re hearing talking heads with all their opinions, drifting further into the distance, unaware you’re already sinking.

And all of the fog thins out by noon. And all of the grey soon burns off to blue. When the layers are lifted, what’s left of you?

The old crowd moved on to new cities. They’re scattered now, the ghosts of your history. You can’t recall the moment when it hit you: you realize they already missed you. You’ve been lost to them since the beginning, ever since she sent your head spinning, ever since you first started sinking.


from Nothing is Fantastic, released March 21, 2017
Marc M Cogman - lead vox, electric guitar
Frogs - electric guitar, bass
Steve McDonald - electric guitar
Justin Siegel - drums
Jillinda Napolitano - background vox
Joe Napolitano - background vox



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